What is "Toyosu Express" Service?

"Toyosu Express" is the service that True World Food offers to our customers. It's the ultimate door-to-door service, delivering the highest quality fish directly to your doorstep from the world's biggest fish market, Toyosu (used to be Tsukiji). No matter which place you are living, the bounty of Toyosu Market (Tokyo Fish Market) is now close at hand. 

This is a place that everyone is allowed to visit. However, if you go to Toyosu seeking to purchase fish, then it's a different story. You immediately sense that you are stepping into the wrong place if you just come to the market to buy a fish for dinner. 

It's a place that has been uniquely shaped by an enduring history and generations of the finest professionals in the industry. 

True World Foods' fish buyers have unparalleled access to this sanctuary. From early morning, they work through the whole market to inspect and handpick the fish and other seafood or to talk with the incredible number of vendors of the market - ensuring that you get the best quality. 

Through the direct connection to the market and dedication of the buyers, we can deliver the finest Japanese fish within 24 hours. This is what we call "Toyosu Express" 

With Toyosu Express, your order is delivered to you via our ultimate shipping method, which has been perfected over time through extensive research and development to get your order to you in the same condition as when it left the Toyosu Market. 

When it is delivered to your home, it is as fresh and safe as you can get in Japan. Enjoy the best quality of fish from Japan!