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Ayu Gyosho (Fish Soy Sauce) 200ML/BT JAPAN
Ayu Gyosho (Fish Soy Sauce) 200ML/BT JAPAN

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Natural Additive-Free Seasoning

Hara Jirozaemon/ Maruhara is a traditional producer of soy sauce and miso, established in 1899 in Oita Prefecture, Japan.

Made only from ayu (sweetfish) and salt, Ayu Fish Sauce is a natural, additive-free seasoning. This sauce is intensely flavorful, and just a few drops added to a dish bring out the flavor and aroma of the ingredients. It can be used as a flavoring or finishing touch to a dish in all styles of cooking, from Japanese to French and Italian.

Brings Out Umami

Ayu Fish Sauce contains a markedly high amount of amino acids for seasoning, with twice the amount of amino acids found in soy sauce. When these amino acids blend with the other amino acids of the ingredients of a dish, the umami flavor is amplified and brings a whole new level of taste to any cooking. 

Balances Flavors

It could be said that Ayu Fish Sauce is not just a seasoning, but also a "flavor balancer". When added at the end of the cooking process, various disparate flavors are unified, creating a well-balanced delicious dish.

This sauce is great for a wide variety of dishes including carpaccio, steaks, marinades, hot pot, soups, rice dishes, noodles, etc. This sauce can also be used in place of Asian fish sauce (such as nam pla) for southeast Asian style dishes, and it can bring the flavor of the dish to a whole new level.



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