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Ohsho Gyoza (大阪王将) 510g (30pcs)

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Ohsho Gyoza (大阪王将) 510g (30pcs)
Ohsho Gyoza (大阪王将) 510g (30pcs)

True World Foods New York


1 pack

Gyoza & Shumai (Dumplings)

Animal-Free Fried Dumpling Vegetable Gyoza 

Product of Japan 

Available only at True World Foods 

About the product

- Animal-Free Vegetable Dumpling

- Imported from famous Osaka Ohosho, strongly recognized "Delicious Dumpling shop" in Japan over 45 years 

- Ohsho Gyoza starts with the home-made dough, thinly and filled with fresh natural ingredients

- Osho Gyoza appetizers make delicious snacks effortless and elegant

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